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Our next celebration - yunus 69th birthday with young journalists of future capitalism. For details of this special event 29 June 2009 Dhaka, or to join in as a yunus supporter club rsvp info@worldcitizen.tv

  • - 1000 book club (below) requires  ownership of book by Dr Yunus;
  • 5000 ambassador club requires election;
  • yunus 10000 dvd club is free for everyone who wants to rebuild community by yunus social business networking

citizens (order approximated by when first read book from Nov 007) ;
other legend:
  • 1ER=1st Entrepreneur Roundtable
  • Y1000L=Yunus 1000 Forum London
  • 1VCC1st Video Collaboration Cafe
  • 500=1st 500 person conference book sampling
  • 1000=other bookclub1000
  • Dhaka1=Meeting Dr Yunus for 3 hours in Dhaka during 1st week of 2008
  • CG=Citizen Guide
  • YF=Yunus ad hoc France Forum

  • Fall08 Yunus inter-citizen projects added with do now reporting at WE.net:
  • dvdY10000 -youth good news video correspondence: yunus and 10000 free college youth
  • interns5000

  • Y1 Norman Macrae - Investigator: Economics of Exponentials, 1ER London
    Y2 Mostofa Zaman - Yunus Forum, Clinton Global Uni Alumni, 1ER,500,Dhaka1,Y1000L, London & Dhakawenet81.jpg
    Y3 Chris Macrae - Valuetrue Exponential maps of Future Capitalism Partners & World Class Brands, 1ER,1VCC,500,Dhaka1,CG,Y100L, DC & London
    Y4 Sofia Bustamante - Hives & Mentors & Free Unis, Turnupthecourage,1ER,1VCC,500,CG,Y1000L, London & Bolivia
    Y17 Tav Ino, 500, 1ER, GreenTvInternet in the Village Hi-tech Solutions  & Hi-Trust Experiments
    Y5 Modjtaba Sadria - 1stER,1VCC,1000, Aga Khan Uni,London & Japan
    Y6 Peter Burgess, Accounting Transparency, 1VCC,1000, New York
    Y7 Mark Chaplin, videomaker,1VCC, 500,1ER,1000 London
    Y8 Rebecca 1 & Y9 Dennis Harding 500, 1ER - worldentrepreneur summit,, UK
    Y10 Kevin Long 500,  justmeans, UK
    Y11 Pilar  Guerrero 1ER, LSE UK & Colombia
    Y12 D.August, 500, 1ER,1VCC, LSE
    Y13 Lesley Williams, 500, 1ER,CG, London, S. Africa, and Y14 Femi Longe, 1000, Africa++
    Y15 Peter Challen, 1ER, 1000, Monetary Justice, London
    Y16 Tommy Hutchinson 500, i-genius, UK

    Y18 Guilhem B, 1ER, CG,YF,1000
    Y19 Brad Meyers 1 2 , 500, YF,1000,collaboration.co.uk, London & Paris
    Y20 Robert De Quelen YF,1000
    Y21 Patrick Moore, 500, 1ER, London
    Y22 Mitchell, 500, CG, Hub
    Y23 Robert de Sousa, CG, 1000 : link 1
    Y24 Sabine McNeil 500, 1ER, Yunusphere, London
    Y25 Lilly Evans, 500, 1ER, London
    Y26 Mamading Ceesay, 500, 1ER, Hubs, London
    Y27 Nick Hart-Williams, 1ER, 500, BTC, UK West
    Y28 Rodney Shakespeare, 1000, 1ER
    Y29 Peter Hutton, 1000, 1ER
    Y30 Robert Knowles 1 , 1000, 1Er

    After banking for the poor comes internetworking for the poor- where can
    Y-bookreaders discuss the 5 main E-services Grameen wishes to value multiply village to planet to village within 3 years and 10000 rural solutions G-centres ?
    mail info@worldcitizen.tv if you know a group who want some e-views to Q&A

    opinion leaders

    Grameen (Bangladesh & www)
    S1 Muhammad Yunus, Grameen, World Entrepreneur 1, Microeconomics for everyone to make a difference, Capitalism's Future- Social Action*Business Networks, Unite in Urgently Ending Poverty's 2nd millennium of failed systems

    S2 Professor Latifee, Grameen Trust Replication in 30+ Countries
    S3 Dipal Barua, Gren Energy & Deputy Head of Grameen bank
    S4 Mrs Nurjahan Begum, General Operations & Mother of Microcredit

    S5 Kazi Islam, CEO Grameen Solutions 
    S6 Mrs Lamiya Morshed, Yunus Secretaria
    S7  Mrs Jamat-E-Quanine, Training & Interns
    S8 Mr MD Imamus Sultan , Grameen health care services

    S9 Samir Chowdhury

    Grameen America
    S13 Vidar Jorgenssen

    Gates Foundation
    S31 Bill Gates

    Clinton Foundation
    S30 Bill Clinton

    MS1 2 Japanese in DC

    S14 Daley-Harris

    S20 HEC

    S21 Danone

    S22 Credit Agricole

    S23 Veolia

    Virgin Unite S10 Branson, Mandela Elders, Free Universities
    WholePlanet S11 John Mackey planetmedia:
    S92 David Frost
    S91 Charlie Rose

    S90 Alan Webber

    S93 Canada The Hour

    S94 Rick Wartzman

    Tomorrows Company:UK
    S26 Tony Manwaring 1

    Journalists, UK
    S27 Alan Mitchell 1

    Pop Stars
    S28 Tom Bevan, S29 Milla Sunde: TheGreenChildren

    S15,16 Alex Counts & Susan Davis, DC, Grameen Foundation

    S17 Bill Drayton  Ashoka Global Academy
    S18 Jeff Skoll, Skoll SE world championships

    Google 2
    President Sarkozi
    HEC 1
    President Bula
    PM Brown

    Publishers: Clive, Whitney, Victoria, George

    Situations vacant:



    Are YunusWorld49 involved with Future Capitalism?

    Other Nobel Prize leaders

    Charlie Rose

    Negroponte $100 Lap MIT



    China & Bill Gates-Creative capitalism

    Al Gore



    Google leaders

    Tom Hunter

    Vincent Bollore, veolia 


    Clinton Uni



    Branson : Social Business Inside

    Intel leaders:

    Twin Partners of 30000 orgs

    Cisco leaders


    Forum originator Japan

    Jeff Skoll

    Vidar Jorgennsen


    Danone CEO

    Credit Agricole

    Iqbal Quadir


    Susan Davis

    CK Prahalad:



    Queen Sofia 1



    Sir Nick Stern

    Kickstart founders

    Aravind Founder

    Larry Brilliant

    Prince Charles Trust



    Bunker Roy

    Ray Anderson

    French water


    Paul Farmer?

    Mary Robinson- Rights

    Eigen –or who transparency



    Y31 Mark Hannam
    Y32 Alexis Sumsion 1NY

    Y33 Anders Abrahamsson, Sweden, 1

    Y34 Nadine Salami, Paris

    Y35 Mark Grimes Portland 1

    Y36 Antoine Hyafil 1

    Y37 Pamela Maclean
    Y38 Samwel Kongere
    Y39 Kennedy owino
    Y40 Ella Romanos 1
    Y41 Scott Anderson 1
    Y42 Alex Counts 1
    Y43 Susan Davis 1
    Y44 Michael Strong
    Waging Peace through Commerce
    Policy Innovations, NY - Mar 12, 2008
    Both John Mackey's "Conscious Capitalism" and Mohammad Yunus's new book Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism offer
    y45  Isabel Maxwell, Grameen America's West Coast
    1 2
    y46 Nigel Kershaw 1 , 1ER 1000
    y47 Steve Brant 500
    y48 Steve Moore 500
    Y49 Carlo Tortora 500 Ethiopia - africa++
    Y50  Henry Stewart
    HappyC 500
    Y51 Leon Aarts Ex-food 500
    Y52 Toyin Dania
    wye 500
    Y53 Rachel McCuloch-Sanden NY
    Y54 Mariah Star, Bronx Tv and Lehman Uni
    Y55 Peter Ryan Microcredit malawi
    Y56 Rick Wartzman, Claremont Drucker Institute

    Y57 Chandrahas Choudhury 
    Y58-Y61 Uzma A Pakistan via Mostofa ref 14/5/08
    Y62 Georgina Bencsik
    from facebook:

    Y63 Abdoulaye Zoromé

    Y64 Cindy LaBlanc

    Y65 Khaw Veon Szu

    Y66 Matt Krueger

    Y67 Lata Maddipati

    Y68 Hillmer Reyes

    Y69 Brent Ryan Bodner

    Y70 Mark Peckham

    Y71 Janelle Bruner

    Y72 Kristina driggs

    Y73 Kuldeep Tanna

    Y74 Mike Kramer

    Y75 Brandon Lackey

    Y76 Michelle Cunningham Hogue

    Y77 Jess Morgan Cullinan

    Y78 Keenan Vyas

    Y79 Ev Boyle

    Y80 Reaf chenery

    Y81 Randeep Sudan

    Y82 Wendy Johnson 1 2

    Y83 Dan Otedo

    D84 Samira Khan

    Y85 Zahid

    Y86 Lamine Dieng, Guinea

    Y87 Emile Emiabata at yunus100 meet

    Y88. Jessica Burn at yunus100 meet
    Y89. Alis.. Playford at yunus100 meet

    Y94 John Hood Ox, NZ
    Y97 Alex Simon
    Y98 Lekha

    S30+ continued below Jourmalists UK Daniel Franklin 1stER, Emma Duncan, Johnny Grimmond, The Economist WSJ Forbes BusinessWeek UK End-Poverty Fund Leaders: John Bird, Nick Kershaw (Big Movement) UK Environmental Fund Leaders Robert Knowles Omniworldview


    Social Actions- Dhaka Portal http://yunussocialactiongroup.org

    Social Business registers - choose your space to log up

    Future Capitalism - survey of proudest experiments by nation at wholeplanet.tv - correspondents applications and q&A welcomed at futurecapitalism.tv


    2008 Diary of Macrae & ER friends

    6 January Dhaka: After the most astonishing days of my business life, in which I heard how DR Yunus and team have a 3 year plan to connect up the half of the world the internet has never served, a relatively easy feat after connecting up the half of the world that banking has never served, my last 5 minutes with Dr Y were spent presenting my commitment to an initiative- Rumors of What's Possible  ... After transforming worldwide banking and the internet which of the 98 other biggest markets do womens networks need to micro-entrepreneurially revolutionise. Lets YUnUS 1000 SMBAs in each city spread the rumors -the communal wishes to celebrate humanity - until they become brand realities. Future Capitalism has never been so interesting around this whole planet of ours.

    End of Quarter 1-

    After the first quarter of knowing the lead team in Dhaka, their news from their side gets better and better. They expect for example within 15 months to have over 1000 rural telecentres which will be epicentes of at least 6 hi-trust maps Q&A:

    rural view on open solutions to agriculture : E-agri

    rural view to open healthcare solutions : E-health

    rural view to education needs: E-edu

    rural view to e-governance we need so we dont have to go into city to get liceneces to be productive: E-gov

    rural view on investing in people and empowering community ie microcredit plus: E-invest

    rural view on what consumer producxtes we actually need, eg fortified locally produced fast foods: E-good

    This E**6 story is so big that it merits a whole planet and web egrameen.com to report it as well a google group for those who want to help make sure that when 10000 villagers telecentres come on line they get guided to the freest ad most vital info sources.

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